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About Foras

  • Company Industry: Human Resources
  • Company Location: Iraq

USAID/IRAQ Foras is an economic growth project with priorities in improving economic opportunities and creating jobs for Iraqis with special emphasis on youth, women and vulnerable populations. Foras is designed to work on both the supply side of workforce development—strengthening vocational and skills training service providers, as well as jobseekers skills—and the demand-side—ensuring that employers at the national and local level are part of the solution for sustainable results. We are currently seeking qualified candidates for the following positions.

Vacancies at Foras

Find the latest vacancies advertised in 2014 by Foras.

  Job Title Job Role increasing Location Date Posted
1. Access to Funding Officer -Baghdad Administration Iraq - Baghdad 2014-04-16
2. Graphic Designer & Web Specialist - Baghdad Art/Design/Creative Iraq - Baghdad 2014-04-01
3. Call Center Operator - Erbil Customer Service Iraq - Erbil 2014-03-16
4. Senior Translator - Erbil Education/Training Iraq - Erbil 2014-04-16
5. Data Entry and CV Management Officer -Baghdad Management Iraq - Baghdad 2014-04-16
6. Senior Data Entry and CV Management Officer -Baghdad Management Iraq - Baghdad 2014-04-16
7. Call Center Manager - Erbil Management Iraq - Erbil 2014-03-16
8. Business Plan Competition Coordinator - Erbil Research Iraq - Erbil 2014-03-10
9. Security and Safety Officer -Baghdad Safety Iraq - Baghdad 2014-04-16
10. Technical Support Services Deputy Manager -Baghdad Technology/IT Iraq - Baghdad 2014-04-16
11. Technical Support Officer - Baghdad Technology/IT Iraq - Baghdad 2014-04-16
12. Senior Technical Support Officer -Baghdad Technology/IT Iraq - Baghdad 2014-04-16
13. Technical Support Services Manager-Baghdad Technology/IT Iraq - Baghdad 2014-04-16

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